Friday, February 28, 2014

Official VCP-DCV5 Practice Test from MeasureUp

As the use of virtualization technologies increases rapidly at the enterprise level, more companies look for those with VCP Certification to manage the cloud systems that are critical to their business. Those who have earned VCP certification have demonstrated advanced knowledge and competencies in using the world’s most popular virtualization platform. VMware technologies include Cloud Services, Data Center Virtualization, End User Computing, and Virtualization Design.

The VCP-DCV5 Certification is the VMware Professional Certification focusing on Data Center Virtualization; one of the most demanded skills at the enterprise level. IT professionals with this certification are recognized as experts in the practice of designing, deploying and maintaining virtual databases and datacenters at the enterprise level. MeasureUp VMware Official VCP5-DCV Practice Test offers professionals the ability to hone their skills with real-world exam questions so that they can earn this coveted certification.

Since 1997, MeasureUp has provided practice exams for IT certifications including certifications from Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft, and other leading accreditation organizations. Now, they’ve bought the experience that has helped thousands of professionals earn their certifications to the world of VMware.

The VCP5 mock exam by MeasureUp is a digital, online-access practice exam featuring 255 questions based off the content of the VCP5-DCV certification exam. The practice test offers both open, and timed modes to help you fully prepare for your VCP5-DCV exam. Questions cover all aspects of the exam, from planning and installing vCenter server and ESXi, to managing vCenter server alarms and data recovery procedures. All test questions offer references to authoritative sources including the Official VCP5 Certification Guide, vSphere Security Guide, vSphere Web Services SDK, and VMware’s official website.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your IT career by earning the VCP5-DCV certification, MeasureUp can help. Prepare to advance your career today with this comprehensive and thorough mock exam for one of the world’s most in-demand IT certifications.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

VMware Partner Exchange 2014

The VMware Partner Exchange 2014 has taken place in beautiful San Francisco, CA; running from February 10th to the14th. Throughout the year, VMware has several partner exchanges allowing professionals of the virtualization world to get together and explore the latest concepts in virtualization technology.

VMware offers insider information about new products and services, as well as boot camps, keynotes, networking events and more. The Solutions Exchange features 93 sponsors and exhibitors showcasing the latest virtualization consulting, design and administration services as well as VMware platform hardware. The VMware Partner Exchange also features VMware Design Expert defenses, where those looking to obtain the highest level of virtualization certification present revolutionary concepts in virtualization and must defend their projects to a panel of the world’s foremost VMware experts.

Among the topics highlighted at the February Partner Exchange is the use of Software Defined Datacenter technologies on the VMware platform. VMware’s new Virtual SAN technology allows service providers to accommodate the $30 billion enterprise storage market, allowing providers to expand storage and offer a lower ownership cost to customers. VMware service providers can expand their footprint in existing customer environments, and offer more complete data storage and disaster recovery solutions through the use of VMware toolsets.

Other topics of interest at the February 2014 Partner Exchange include:
  • Hybrid Cloud - Combing VMware’s SAN services with traditional on-site data storage solutions to create effective enterprise data storage architectures. This includes the new vCloud Hybrid Service, offering powerful data management tools and a new level of security with better data recovery procedures.
  • Public Cloud - Exploring how academic institutions, government departments and public companies can utilize cloud technologies to share data and applications more seamlessly with the use of the VMware platform
  • Desktop-As-A-Service - Those with VMware certification already know the abilities of VMware to deliver applications and data from a cloud server to the desktop. VMware now offers the ability to run desktop-as-a-service technology, offering additional user control and better application reliability.
VMware Partner Exchange offers virtualization professionals the change to converge, network, and share knowledge while learning the latest in VMware technologies and techniques several times per year. If you’re interested in learning about this Partner Exchange or upcoming Exchanges, visit VMware Partner Exchange Blog for more information.