Friday, December 26, 2014

5 Steps to Trim Your IT Budget Using Virtualization

Although the concept has been around for decades, the idea of employing virtualization on computers has just recently started gaining serious traction in business. Businesses of all types and sizes are learning the incredible benefits of server virtualization, including:

  • The capability of running multiple applications and operating systems on one single computer
  • Savings of more than one-half of ongoing IT costs
  • Higher productivity as a result of hardware consolidation and the requirement for drastically fewer servers
  • Faster deployment of applications, far less IT maintenance and a much simpler IT management system

5 Cost-Reducing Advantages of Virtualization

  1. Typical business IT departments spend somewhere around 70% of their budget on maintenance of an ever-growing hardware infrastructure. Because most of today's business computers use an X86 platform, which are designed to run only one application or operating system at a time, more servers must be deployed to satisfy the needs of each data processing center - even though existing systems are typically only being used to about 15% of their computing potential. Creating virtual systems within a computer allows each server to utilize approximately 80% more of its potential computing power, far outpacing the average and inefficient 15% mentioned above.
  2. Because the efficiency of each piece of computing hardware is significantly increased, this means the amount of required hardware is substantially reduced through consolidation to about 1/10 of what's required without the introduction of virtualization.
  3. A more efficient, simpler and agile server setup not only reduces the amount of maintenance required to keep everything humming but, as a direct impact, creates savings in operational and capital costs of approximately 50% when compared to non-virtualized systems.
  4. In addition to the Server Virtualization discussed above, Desktop Virtualization is an additional means of improving service through quicker response and cutting costs, by providing virtualized desktop computers to branch offices, offshore outsourcing partners and mobile employees staying in touch on portable handheld devices such as tablets. These virtualized desktop systems provide a secure, consistent and scalable solution that not only saves IT dollars but also increases productivity.
  5. Data Storage Virtualization allows for a fundamentally more efficient method for managing storage resources that improves both utilization and flexibility. Storage Virtualization can be used as a means of complementing and leveraging the current, existing data storage infrastructure.

It's All Good, With No Downside

Traditionally, when computer apps started running slowly or more memory seemed to be required, the answer was to add more hardware to the system. This not only increased capital expenditures but also inflated ongoing maintenance requirements with their associated costs, thereby wasting funds that could have been better utilized elsewhere.

By virtualizing your IT infrastructure, you make it simpler, more efficient, faster and with better performance and availability. Briefly said, it's easier to implement and manage a virtualized system.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

VCP5-DCV Exam Voucher & Official Practice Test Bundle

As companies continue to realize the real benefits associated with implementing technology strategies into their business processes, the demand for knowledgeable, experienced IT professionals continues to grow. Twenty years ago, firms that had already developed complex datacenter systems would have been considered frontrunners in the realm of information systems management, but today, having advanced data systems and being able to manage them effectively are a crucial part of a company’s success. For these reasons, the VCP Datacenter certification (VCP-DCV) has become the industry’s leading virtual datacenter certification.

VCP5-DCV Exam Prep

The Bundle
With the MeasureUp VCP5-DCV bundle, you not only get the VMware Certified Professional DCV exam voucher but you also get the official MeasureUp practice test to help you prepare for the exam. The practice exam is available as a digital download, so you can get started preparing for your exam right away with study guidance, timed certification mode, detailed answers and reference and an instant score report once you’ve finished.

The Practice Test
This MeasureUp practice exam for the VCP510 certification test is one of the most comprehensive practice exams on the market. These award-winning practice tests match the learning objectives of the real exam by including questions modeled after real exam questions. The VCP5-DCV practice exam has different study modes, so you can choose to work through each problem one at a time with thorough explanations or have the option to use the simulated timer mode to help prepare you for the real exam environment. The following objectives are covered in the 255 questions of the MeasureUp VCP510 practice test:

  • Plan, Install, Configure and Upgrade vCenter Server and VMware ESXi 45
  • Plan and Configure vSphere Networking 31
  • Plan and Configure vSphere Storage 34
  • Deploy and Administer Virtual Machines and vApps 40
  • Establish and Maintain Service Levels 52
  • Perform Basic Troubleshooting 38
  • Monitor a vSphere Implementation and Manage vCenter Server Alarms 15

The Exam Voucher
If you’re looking to expand your career into the field of datacenter architecture, administration and management, then the VCP5-DCV is your ticket in. In order to take the exam, a VCP5-DCV exam voucher is required, which is why VMware Certification Marketplace has bundled it up with the practice exam. Once you have this VCP voucher, you will be able to register for the VMware Certified Professional Level exam.

The next window of opportunity for your IT career opens up when you become VCP certified. Start your new path into the rapidly expanding field of datacenter management today with the VMware Certified Professional DCV Exam Voucher & Official Practice Test Bundle.