Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Product Highlight: Storage Implementation in vSphere 5.0

vSphere Storage Guide

When you’re working with the VMware infrastructure, you want to make sure that you have the right kind of storage implementations in place. Avoid the nightmare of running out of data space with the assistance of the Storage Implementation in vSphere 5.0. This vSphere storage guide is easy to read and allows you to store and manage your data efficiently on the VMware platform.

Understandable Breakdown:
When it comes to understanding every topic addressed about VMware, it can be quite challenging. Many guides can be dense and have poor structure. When writing this storage implementation guide, author Mostafa Khalil organized the topics in a way that would allow readers to understand what was being said without getting lost. His guide includes insights for better architectural design, planning and management practices, configuration details and external storage-related technologies.

Addresses Variety of FAQs:
Khalil has had many years of experience helping people troubleshoot storage problems they have had with vSphere. Through this, he effectively addresses many frequently asked questions in his writing. He combines expert guidelines as well as his experience to provide the best answers to customer problems. A few of the topics that he addresses include:

  • How do you configure storage array from "Vendor X" to support vSphere "Feature Y"?
  • How do you know you've configured it correctly?
  • What happens if you misconfigure it?
  • How can you tell from logs and other tools that you have a problem - and how do you fix it?

If you’re an IT professional looking to get the most out of storage virtualization on the VMware platform, this vSphere 5.0 guide will provide you with the insight and information you need. Gain an understanding of this topic and master storage implementation when you order this book today!