Thursday, June 19, 2014

VMware Recertification - What You Need To Know

Every professional knows that continuing education is required to excel in his or her field. Everyone, from lawyers to doctors and medical professionals, must stay up to date on the latest developments in order to succeed in their career. This is exceptionally true for the rapidly changing world of information technology, and even more for virtualization technologies. 

In order to address the rapid changes in the world of virtualization, VMware has instituted a recertification policy to ensure that VMware certification holders stay up to date on the latest developments in virtualization technologies. The new recertification policy is designed to give employers confidence that the IT professionals they hire are up to date and have the required skills to manage and implement the most recent, and most effective VMware methodologies.

VMware’s software releases have taken on a faster development cycle, leading to updates and new releases being pushed out faster. This has led VMware to institute their recertification policy. The new policy is similar to that of other IT certifications, such as CompTIA.

From VMware:

VCP holders must recertify by taking a VCP level exam or advancing to VCAP or VCDX level certification within two years of earning their most recent VCP certification. Prerequisite course requirements are waived, but the exam and exam cost are the same as those required for initial certification. Failure to recertify by the required date will result in revocation of your certification.

There are several ways to fulfill the requirements and guidelines set forth by the new VMware certification policy. These include:

  • Retake the same exam for your current certification - If you have VCP3 certification in the Datacenter virtualization, you can take the VCP5 – Data Center exam to keep your current credentials.
  • Earn a different certification at the same level – For those holding VCP certification, they can keep their VMware certified status by taking ANY VCP exam and earning that certification. A VCP3 – Data Center certified professional could earn the VCP5-Cloud certification and fulfill recertification requirements.

  • Earn a higher level certification – VMware also allows recertification by earning a more advanced certification. VCP3 holders can get certified at the VMware Advanced Professional or VMware Design Expert level and retain VMware certified status.

You can learn more about the VMware recertification policy from VMware’s site.

No matter which certification path you choose, VMware Certification Marketplace is here to help – with exam vouchers, practice exams, learning resources and everything else you need to stay up to date on the newest VMware programs and procedures!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Preparing for Your VCP5-DT Exam

One of the most popular VCP certification paths is the VCP5 – Desktop certification. While VCP5-Datacenter focuses on server virtualization and creating virtual environments for data management, and VCP5-Cloud focuses on the administration of a cloud environment with vCloud director and vSphere, VCP5-DT focuses on end-user computing – working with the VMware View environment, making vSphere environments accessible to end users and ensuring that their clients can tap the full power of the VMware platform.

VCP5-DT is an ideal certification for desktop support specialists and user-facing system administrators, since it focuses on the end-user. Professionals with this designation have not only shown the ability to effectively administrate VMware View to end-users, but also have a strong understanding of vSphere and VMware core components as related to networking, storage, and datacenter management. VCP5-DT provides a great introduction to working with client-facing VMware solutions. The VMware Desktop certification track runs all the way up to the Design Expert level, which focuses on delivering mobile and desktop solutions with Horizon Suite.

If you’re looking to jump into the world of desktop virtualization and already have some experience working at the desktop level, then VCP5-DT is the place to start. There’s also a VMware Associate Desktop exam for those who are just being introduced to these methodologies. If you’re looking to earn either of these valuable certifications and get started on your path to a great virtualization career, VMware Certification has several ways to help.

For the first step in preparing for the VCP5-DT exam, we recommend the VCP5-DT Official Cert Guide, which includes a textbook, e-book, and basic practice exams. This VCP5 study guide is the only guide officially endorsed by VMware, covering all the topics that are included in the VCP5-DT certification. Not only does it cover all the information you need for exam success, but it also makes it easy to prepare for the exam. This guide features “Do I Know This Already” lists before each chapter, so you can choose which sections to spend more time on than others, and end-chapter review exams to ensure you understand each topic before moving on.

When you’re almost ready to take the exam, the Official VMware Certified Professional Desktop (VCP5-DT) Practice Test by MeasureUp helps validate that you’ve mastered the content. MeasureUp is one of the leading names in IT test preparation, and they’ve paired with VMware’s experts to create one of the most thorough, effective VCP5 practice exam options currently on the market. MeasureUp is so confident that their guide will help IT professionals in their quest for the VCP5-DT certification, that they even include a Test-Pass Guarantee!

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