Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kickstart Your Career and Stand Out with VCA

Today’s hiring market is competitive and rapidly changing as new technologies and methodologies are used at the enterprise level. However, hiring managers still look for the same qualities they have for years – is this person a self-starter and motivated? Are they professional and deliver results? Do they have the knowledge, both broad and specialized, to succeed in a particular role?

In a recent interview in IT World, former CIO Eric Bloom talks about what he looks for when hiring new IT professionals. Bloom speaks about IT certifications – those candidates who have earned a certification show motivation and the ability to follow through, as well as having the specialization needed for success, particularly in IT roles working with specific systems. Bloom notes IT hiring managers also look for real-world experience – but more than just experience, they demand professionals who have been trained on the latest technologies and have the most relevant knowledge combined with a can-do attitude. 

For those looking to make their first foray into the world of IT, or are at the junior level and looking to distinguish themselves and position themselves for career advancement; the VMware Certified Associate (VCA) certification is a great place to start. It’s a fast, cost-effective way to establish yourself as a specialist in virtualization and land a job in the rapidly growing specialty of virtualization.

While there are other virtualization certification programs available, the VMware Certified Associate program provides several advantages to IT professionals. For one, it focuses exclusively on VMware platform – the world’s leading virtualization platform, trusted by more enterprise-level firms than any other virtualization technology. There are three separate certifications available under the VMware Associate level of certifications: Datacenter, Cloud, and the new Workforce Mobility – all of them focusing on various topics critical to that particular aspect of virtualization. IT professionals can choose to specialize in one aspect, or earn all certifications. VMware certification has a clear certification path as your career advances – VCA holders become eligible for Professional, Advanced Professional and Design Expert certifications as they move forward, gaining more experience and knowledge.

If you’re an IT professional with a few years’ experience looking to establish yourself as a specialist, then the VMware Certified Associate is the program for you. Visit us at VMware Certification Marketplace for everything you need to earn this certification, including exam vouchers, practice exams, books and more.  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Official VCA-DCV Certification Guide

The VMware Certified Associate exam and certification is often the first step into launching a successful IT career with a specialization in virtualization. Since candidates for this certification are often less experienced, it’s more important to ensure they are thoroughly prepared so that they can succeed on their exam and advance on their career path.

The Official VCA-DCV Certification Guide focuses specifically on the objectives for one of the most common Associate-level certifications: the VCA-DCV certification, which specializes in virtual datacenter design, troubleshooting, and deployment. Covering all the objectives and knowledge needed for the VCAD510 exam, experts Matt Vandenbeld and Jonathan MacDonald share preparation hints and test-taking tips, helping IT professionals identify areas of weakness and to improve both conceptual knowledge and hands-on skills.

This great VMware exam prep book features a great level of detail and offers assessment features, comprehensive design scenarios, challenging review questions and real-world exercises – while still being concise and easy to understand. “Do I Know This Already” quizzes open each chapter, allowing professionals to test their current knowledge and focus on the topics they need more preparation for. Topics covered in this exam guide include: 
  • Datacenter virtualization: What is it and what are the components?
  • Business challenges solved by virtualization
  • Core components of vSphere: the virtual machine, ESXI, high availability
  • vSphere storage, including physical versus virtual, storage types, thin provisioning, and more
  • vSphere networking fundamentals, physical versus virtual switches, components, policies, I/O
  • Mapping business challenges to vSphere solutions
If you’re ready to earn your VCA-DCV certification; The Official VCA-DCV Certification Guide offers the knowledge and guidance you need to ready yourself for the VCA-Datacenter certification.</p>