Thursday, March 20, 2014

Desktop vs. Datacenter - The Right VCP5 Certification for You

Like Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA and other organizations which grant IT certifications, VMware offers a variety of different certificate programs; each of which focus on a different skillset and specialty within the world of virtualization. There are several levels of VMware Certification – Associate/Professional and Advanced.

The VMware Certified Professional designation recognizes those who already have previous experience working with virtualization systems and are looking to establish themselves as knowledgeable professionals within the sphere of virtual systems. However, there are several subspecialties available when earning the VMware Certified Professional designation. Two of the most commonly pursued certifications at the professional level include VCP5-DCV – Data Center Virtualization and VCP5-DT Desktop. While both are recognized as VMware professionals, each certification has different requirements and topics covered, preparing the professional for a different role within the IT field.

The VMware Certified Professional 5 – Desktop (VCP5-DT) Exam certification is for individuals just beginning their virtualization careers or for analysts and technicians who work with individual users at the desktop level. This specialization focuses more on the end-user experience when working with VMware, making programs and data accessible to users, and working with the VMware View management system. To earn this VMware certification, professionals must either first attend a qualifying VMware course OR currently hold VCP5-DV Data Center Virtualization or VCP-Cloud Certification credentials. Candidates must be able to configure the vSphere environment, possess a deep understanding of VMware core components and their relation to storage and networking, and be proficient in datacenter design methodologies.

VMware Certified Professional 5 – Data Center Virtualization (VCP5-DV) Exam is for individuals who already have experience with VMware systems and those who work on wide-scale, enterprise-level virtualization environments. This certification focuses more heavily on design, planning, and implementation, rather than focusing on the end-user. VCP5-DV certification is available to those who have a minimum of six months of experience working with VMware and complete the required course or currently have VCP-DT certification. For those who already have VCP4 training and have completed a qualifying course, the VCP5-DV exam is available after completing a “What’s New in VCP5” course. VCP-DV certification confirms that you have the education needed to successfully install, deploy, scale, and manage VMware vSphere environments.

Which certification is right for you? There are several options available to you based on your job function, experience with VMware, and your career goals. VMware offers comprehensive information about the VCP5-DV and VCP5-DT certifications on their website. When you’re ready to take the next step and earn your certification, visit us at VMware Certification Marketplace for books, study guides, practice tests, exam vouchers and everything you need to earn your virtualization certification


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