Thursday, April 10, 2014

Enhancing Your Education with VMware Certification

Many professionals in the field of information technology come from an academic background that focuses on technology skills such as management information systems, computer science, and advanced mathematics. Many IT professionals have also found themselves in the technology field not through their academic background, but through career experience – having become the de-facto technology expert at their company, and building their knowledge through the workplace.

For those who have spent years studying or working with information technology, a certification can still be extremely valuable. Many professionals with previous experience overlook the value of having a certification, believing that their academic and work experiences are sufficient enough to land the job they want. However, for both those just beginning their careers and those with years of experience, a certification provides an immense value that helps them achieve their goals in a number of ways.

  • Hiring – Having a VMware certification, or other specialized certification, helps candidates stand out from the rest of the pack. As IT departments expand and systems become more complex, hiring managers and companies look for professionals with specialized skills to manage individual components of their technology infrastructure. Hiring managers are more likely to select those professionals with a certification which matches the job role. For companies looking for a virtualization architect or engineer, they are much more likely to hire those who have a VMware certification confirming that they are specialists in virtualization infrastructure.
  • Specialization – Beyond just the hiring process, certification allows professionals to build their knowledge in a particular area. A general computer science academic program covers much of the theory of IT and gives professionals the framework they need for career success, but a certification allows them to drill down and assert themselves as an expert in one particular aspect. For example, a computer science graduate – or anyone with a background in IT – understands the concepts and basics of a datacenter. Those who have earned the VMware VCP-510 certification have shown that they not only understand the concepts of a datacenter, but they also know how to implement, design, and manage datacenters on the VMware virtualization platform. Studying for the VCP-510 and earning the certificate allows professionals to build their knowledge base, learn the skills they need, and be recognized for it.

  • Value – The return on investment for those with certifications is incredibly high. For the cost of the exam and training, professionals have the ability to command a much larger salary, often tens of thousands of dollars more than those without certification. A certification provides an unmatched level of negotiating power, job security, and career opportunities because those who are certified have proven that they are a knowledgeable expert in their field.

If you’re an IT professional who works with the VMware virtualization platform, becoming certified as a VMware Certified Professional, Associate, Advanced Professional or Design Expert allows you to open the door to more opportunities and a higher salary while allowing you to be officially recognized by the world’s leading virtualization company as an expert on the VMware platform. Visit VMware Certification Marketplace for study guides, exam vouchers, and everything else you need to establish yourself as an expert in the growing field of virtualization technology.


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