Friday, August 15, 2014

Building Your Team with VMware Certification

The need for talented employees – and not being able to find them – is an issue faced by many IT departments, consulting firms, and others. The official VMware blog points out several statistics regarding the “IT skill gap”, with over half of IT executives and managers reporting concerns about the quality and quantity of IT talent available. Many businesses address this skills gap through retraining, rather than new hires. 57% of employers noted they would retain and retrain workers, rather than make a substantial amount of new hires.

The IT space is one of the most competitive. With so many firms competing for market share, and a lack of qualified IT professionals, the competition for both business and employees can be brutal. In order to compete, employers must be able to keep a talented staff to effectively serve their clients. In a recent survey of 120,000 IT professionals, when asked what their direct manager could do to improve job satisfaction or engagement, the top response (aside from salary, benefits, and promotion) was training opportunities.

One of the most valuable IT certifications, and areas of knowledge, is within that of VMware and virtualization technologies. By offering VMware certification and training to IT talent, businesses are able to retain their most talented IT professionals as well as improving the common knowledge of their firm. Employees win by getting certified in one of the most rapidly growing fields of the IT sector, expanding their knowledge, allowing them to work on more rewarding projects and expand their career opportunities, while employers benefit from having a team well-versed in the high-demand field of virtualization services.

More than 60% of managers say IT teams benefit from staff with certifications, and that those certifications add to the value of the team. The VMware Certified Associate is a great place to start in building this foundation. The cost of a VCA Voucher  for your team members is minimal compared to the value that certification adds to your IT team

If you’re interested in learning more about how VMware Certification benefits your team and your technology professionals, visit the official VMware blog; or visit VMware Certification Marketplace for training materials, practice exams, books, and everything else you need to propel your IT team to success.


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