Monday, February 2, 2015

Product Highlight: Official VCP5-DCV Practice Exam

You’re studying for the VCP5-DCV exam, and you’ve mastered all the concepts but have no clue how these concepts will come across in a real-world exam setting. The Official VCP5-DCV Online Practice Test is a complete, timed practice exam that helps solve this problem. It includes 255 questions similar to the ones you’ll see on actual exam day, comprehensive answers and references, a timed certification mode and an instant score report.:

VCP5-DCV Practice Exam by MeasureUp

Candidate Experience
The candidates who have the best chance of passing the actual exam are usually infrastructure personnel who have had about 6 months of firsthand experience installing, configuring and administering vSphere 5. They should also know how to install and configure ESXi hosts, maintain and troubleshoot virtual machines by using VMware vCenter and typically already have other general IT certifications or about 2-5 extra years of similar experience.

MeasureUp has been a trusted source for certification guides and other preparation materials since 1997. Offering you the freedom to prepare for your exam the way it suits you, MeasureUp’s practice exams provide open and timed assessment modes and promptly deliver exam scores.

A vast amount of information and industry knowledge of virtualization has been streamlined into this comprehensive VMware Certified Professional 5 – Data Center Virtualization Practice Test from MeasureUp. With over 200 VCP510 study questions and detailed answers to train you, this practice exam is designed to lead you to success!

Practice Exam Topics
While there’s an immense amount of information you should expect to encounter, general topics (and number of questions per topic) will include:

  • Establishing and Maintaining Service Levels – 52 questions
  • Planning, Installing, Configuring and Upgrading vCenter Server and VMware ESXi – 45 questions
  • Deploying and Administering Virtual Machines and vApps – 40 questions
  • Performing Basic Troubleshooting - 38 questions
  • Planning and Configuring vSphere Networking 31 and vSphere Storage - 34 questions
  • Monitoring a vSphere Implementation and Managing vCenter Server Alarms - 15 questions

With the help of MeasureUp’s Official VCP5-DCV Practice Test, you’ll pass the exam with confidence and be ready to step into your new role as a VMware Certified Professional on Data Center Virtualization in no time.


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